Vom Sammeln und Ordnen 03

Allgemein 31. Januar 2020

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Jller (2015) is a machine that sorts river stones by their geological ages, made as a collaboration between @prokop_bartonícek and Benjamin Maus @allesblinkt ‘Jller is part of an ongoing research project in the fields of industrial automation and historical geology. It is an apparatus that sorts pebbles from a specific river by their geologic age. The stones were taken from the stream bed of the German river Jller, shortly before it merges with the Danube, close to the city of Ulm. … A set of pebbles from the Jller are placed on the 2×4 meter platform of the machine, which automatically analyzes the stones in order to then sort them. The sorting process happens in two steps: Intermediate, pre-sorted patterns are formed first, to make space for the final, ordered alignment of stones, defined by type and age. Starting from an arbitrary set of stones, this process renders the inherent history of the river visible.’ – prokopbartonicek.com #riverbed

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