R. Burle Marx / The garden as art form

Excerpts from:
The garden as art form – by Roberto Burle Marx, 1962

„The designed garden seems to be as old as recorded history. It is one of the earliest forms of art. In mythology, the garden appears as an ideal conception, a place for gods – the Garden of Eden, the Garden of the Hesperides, the Garden of Allah.

A garden is, or ought to be an integral part of civilized life, a spiritual and emotional necessity, deep rooted and profoundly felt.

The art of designing a garden is one of the most – if not the most – complex of all arts, requiring an understanding of other arts, and a willingness to learn from nature.

The art of gardening involves selecting, contrasting, complementing, and giving emphasizes where required. In short, a garden should be a work of art, like a painting, a sculpture, a symphony, or a tapestry.“

(Hrsg. Cavalcanti L., El-Dahdah F., Rambert F., Roberto Burle Marx. The Modernity of Landscape. Basel, 2011, S.109f, Bild: Roof garden of the Ministry of Education and Health, Rio de Janeiro, 1938, S.209)





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