Wilderness Pavilion / Kenia

Competitionentry with Angelika Mangold / Shortlist Top 50


Relaxed human beings are aware human beings. Only if you feel free of tension are you able to open up your senses and really make connection to your surroundings. According to this fact we designed our structure out of three elements which are familiar to people all over the world and make us foremost feel ‘at home’. Out of a ‘nest-like’ hollow in the ground grows an Acacia tree next to a wooden house.


Open up
After you have relaxed in the hollow beneath the tree, the wooden house brings some adventure. Its unexpected material combination – simple wooden sticks and big pieces of semitransparent cloth encourage your curiosity. When climbing up the 2 levels you will experience an amazing dance of light, wind and colour – all a current expression of the land surrounding you.

You will get a glimpse at the landscape outside every now and then, but most of the time you will have to deal with its ‘translation’ through the cloth and the net of wooden poles. The purpose of this house is NOT to give outlook but to ignite your full sensual capacity.

Kenia02Come together
Our structure is designed to be a perfect gathering place for people. Be it for a story telling night around the fire beneath the Acacia, a sleep over inside the house, an art exhibition or a concert – we want our structure to not only connect people to landscape but also to connect people to people.

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